Vocal Sampling

Vocal Sampling

Attending a Vocal Sampling concert is taking part in a magic show.
The skeptics do not want to believe that the sounds they hear, the excellent melody, comes only from their voices.
The originality and talent of these six magicians have left us with our mouths open at each concert.
In 2021, Vocal Sampling will celebrate its 30th Anniversary.
In addition to its usual original compositions concert and great classics of Cuban music and international hits, the group will propose a second incredible artistic proposal, an original creation that will not only present a new repertoire but will also show new aspects of its vocal talent.
During this concert, Vocal Sampling will propose a classic and contemporary repertoire, alternating moments singing alone and with a symphonic orchestra.
The repertoire will be formed of works by great Cuban composers, as well as René Baños Pascual, musical director and leader of Vocal Sampling.
Without a doubt, a classic Cuban evening full of emotions and musical surprises.
A unique night!

Contact: Poney Gross
Email: poney@zigzagworld.be
Phone: +32 496523982
Web: https://www.zigzagworld.be/



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