Yarina is a group made up of the Cachimuel brothers, Kichwa indigenous people from the Monserat community in Otavalo.
For more than 30 years they have brought their art and culture to the streets to make them known in the country and abroad.
The group was created by Manuel Cachimuel and Rosa Elena Amaguaña, parents of the current members.
In 1984, ‘Yawar wauky’ was formed, the first name of the group which means ‘Blood brothers’.
Later on, they adopted the name of a song performed, “Yarina”.
Currently, most of its members live in the United States.
At first, the group started selling its music on cassettes in the streets of Quito and abroad.
In 2001 her reality changed since they migrated to Boston.
In 2005, Yarina won a very important award. This opened the doors to them on a global scale.
“Ours is a permanent cultural activity, especially about inclusion, because we represent an indigenous culture that has been relegated for many years,”
Having worked in the streets and being currently part of the international music circuit, both for their talent and culture and for their way of understanding the world, is part of their art and message.

Contact: Anita Cachimuel
Email: anacachimuel14@gmail.com
Phone: +593 969181577



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